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For decades we have been
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manufacturers and applications.

We reduce your
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minimum due to our extensive
stock of spare parts.

Welcome to Eps

We are a leading specialist for services relating to drilling gears, edge banding machines as well as the construction and relocation of machines.

From our location in Warmsen, Lower Saxony, we serve industrial companies worldwide with a focus on the furniture industry. We see ourselves as problem solvers who offer our customers genuine added value thanks to our unique know-how and high technical quality.

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Our services

Even high-quality machines wear out over time. If they are out of order, this disrupts the operating process or paralyses the entire production process. This takes up time, money and nerves. You need to do something to eliminate the fault. In addition, the life cycle of machines must be extended. Like all components, drilling gears and adapter units are susceptible to failure. A core competence of EPS is the provision of repair and maintenance services. Here we have made a name for ourselves as a leading specialist and competent partner to industry worldwide.

First of all, we advise you expertly. As a rule, you send us the component. After an initial inspection as well as an inspection together with a state and fault diagnosis, we will inform you about the individual damage and document it in detail. The repair or maintenance usually takes 10 to 14 days. In emergencies, you can make use of the EPS express service. Each drilling gear and adapter unit is tested for 48 hours during the final inspection with regard to its vibration, noise and temperature behaviour. Only then will we send it back to you with a test report and warranty.

We offer our services for all brands, manufacturers and applications. Therefore, there is no component that our technicians cannot repair and maintain competently. Of course, we also take care of this directly on site during ongoing production. EPS also has an extensive spare parts warehouse with more than 15,000 parts. This shortens the repair and maintenance time considerably.

As a leading specialist for services concerning the repair and maintenance of drilling gears and adapter units, we have gathered extensive expert knowledge with standard and series products over the years. At the customer’s request, we are therefore able to design and manufacture special drilling gears and adapter units for all sectors ourselves.

It is important to support you as a customer and remain in close contact with you throughout the project management. We start by consulting you and making a detailed analysis of your needs. We carefully implement the ideas of our customers and our own suggestions step by step during the design planning phase at the EPS engineering office. We take individual requirements into account. At the same time, we want to execute each order in an economically efficient manner as well as on time and within the budget. In this way, EPS engineers develop an optimal solution that can be integrated seamlessly into your production processes.

EPS offers individually available spindles in a 32 grid with a stroke of 40 or 50 millimetres as well as special grids for its custom-made products. The range includes fixed drilling gears as belt or gear drives. We manufacture pothole drilling units from three-spindle to multi-spindle with special grid adapters and quick clamping systems. A pot drilling unit with a stroke of 50 to 150 millimetres is also possible, which can be used on all known CNC machines for drilling rows of pot holes, grid drilling with adapter units and for milling contours. The range includes 3 to 20 or 25 spindle gearboxes, forms such as L, T or row forms as well as adapters and quick clamps.

After production, we test every special drilling gear and adapter unit for 48 hours during the final inspection with regard to its vibration, noise and temperature behaviour. In the case of drilling gears, we control and test each individually available spindle via a separate programme. Then we send you the component together with a test report and technical documentation. It goes without saying that EPS technicians also install it during ongoing production in the company.

Edge banding machines are a central and indispensable element during edge processing. Companies in the furniture industry rely on a wide range of systems for every application – whether small individual machines for the handicraft business or networked production lines in industry. If you want to compete with them, you need a smooth production process. However, edge banding machines also need to be repaired and maintained regularly. Especially when it comes to older models.

In view of complex machines and entire production lines, this is rarely possible on the side. And you know what disruptions are like: They always occur when production is under the greatest time pressure. They can be expensive and defects can endanger the safety of employees. Repairs are then usually cheaper than buying a new machine. EPS has therefore been a successful partner of the furniture industry for edge banding machine services since its foundation.

If a machine fails, we offer our repair service as timely as possible: EPS technicians quickly discover the sources of error and work with you to decide on the next steps. We repair either directly on site or at the EPS production site. Owing to many years of experience with numerous customers in the furniture industry, we are familiar with many different brands, such as IMA, Kraft, Biesse, Homag, Weeke or Hüttenhölscher. The EPS spare parts warehouse and our modern technology also guarantee low downtimes.

Of course, professional maintenance also ensures a long service life. As a preventive measure, we detect whether spare parts need to be replaced. This enables more reliability and value retention of your edge banding machines. You avoid expensive consequential damage, especially in the case of older models. We always adapt the tailor-made maintenance strategy to your production conditions. We optimally coordinate deadlines, observe technical availability during operation and thus minimise downtimes.

The EPS full service package includes the involvement of personnel with production responsibility in the maintenance process. Maintenance contracts in turn create more continuity and security. Because the better EPS knows your company and its machines, the more effective we can be at your service.

Companies regularly convert their machine park: New developments and capacities require more or more innovative machinery. Older models are supplemented or replaced. Suddenly it becomes necessary to relocate a machine – whether within a production hall, a hall away or to another location. Understandably, this machine relocation is a logistical challenge for most companies. They cannot and do not wish to do this all by themselves.

We are a competent partner if you wish to relocate your complete production machinery to another location. EPS offers all services from a single source to ensure that everything runs smoothly. We provide systematic and independent support from the beginning to the end of the internal or external relocation of machinery – from dismantling to loading, transport to installation and commissioning.

As the first step, a thorough inspection, detailed planning and consultation is important to us. Due to checklists and schedules, you are always kept up-to-date on the individual steps. Because when a machine is relocated, safe and careful transport is not the only relevant factor. The decisive factor is to disrupt the production processes as little as possible so that no bottlenecks arise for you.

Installation, mechanical and electrical commissioning and functional testing of the sensitive machines must also be carried out precisely and professionally. This is the only way to avoid technical defects. By way of complete documentation, we guarantee accuracy at the new location. Machine relocation by EPS ensures you are on the safe side. And of course, after the successful machine relocation we remain a qualified partner and contact person for all questions concerning your machinery.

For around two decades, we have been the world’s leading specialist when it comes to repairing, maintaining and installing entire machines as well as individual drilling gears and adapter units. Owing to this basis of trust and a lot of experience, we often receive enquiries for the construction of machines according to special customer requirements. What is needed is not an off-the-shelf machine, but a custom-made one. We know the needs of our customers and find the ideal solution for unusual manufacturing problems. Our clients in the field of special mechanical engineering include companies from a wide variety of industrial sectors.

Before we start, we analyse the initial situation and specific requirements together with you. During the product development we support you as well as being your creative partner. We manufacture exactly according to your briefings and drawings. The motto for every new challenge is: “Everything is possible”.

We take a close look at every detail in order to put your ideas into practice one-to-one. We involve you directly in the development process so that you have a full overview of the progress of the project. A well-coordinated team remains at your side from the idea to the finished product. The EPS technicians build your tailor-made machine completely at our production plant.

The highest priority is given to the most effective, economical and user-friendly solution. It is perfectly suited to your production with all the corresponding parts and components. You receive technical documentation for each of our special machines. For us, the project is not completed until it is successfully in operation. After handover and commissioning, we of course remain your professional partner – for staff training, service and maintenance of your custom-made products.

Many of our customers require new machine components such as individual turned and milled parts – whether for further processing or as spare parts that are no longer available. As a rule, they have neither the know-how nor the capacity to produce them themselves. Especially not in high-quality, fast and in large quantities. This is where we come into play. You tell us what you need – we deliver it. Even the most unusual wishes and in the shortest time.

EPS offers a wide range of tailor-made technical components. We manufacture individual parts or small and large series for mechanical engineering. We follow your exact specifications, samples or drawings as well as DIN and ISO standards. On request, we assemble the manufactured parts into complete units and purchase possible additional components ourselves. We manufacture economical solutions that are of the highest technological standard. This is the only way to integrate them seamlessly into your business processes.

EPS generally offers all sorts of possible combinations of turned and milled parts: We process almost all machinable materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminium, bronze, titanium or brass. We produce turned and milled parts in batch sizes from 1 to 10,000 items. Even difficult geometries can be perfectly implemented. In CNC turning, the maximum turning length is 1500 millimetres and the maximum diameter is 300 millimetres. The maximum working size for CNC milling is 1,500 x 600 x 400 millimetres. In addition, there are the usual procedures for surface treatment and further optimisation processes before we deliver the components to you ready for use. If you conclude a framework agreement, this allows us even shorter delivery times and more efficient production costs.

Our machine park consists of modern CNC-controlled milling machines, lathes, machining centres as well as surface and cylindrical grinding machines. We guarantee precise measuring procedures and regular controls. Computer-aided processes ensure flexible and fast production. In addition, a conscientious final inspection ensures consistent high quality. At the same time, the qualification of our employees is important to us. You will always have a competent contact person who takes care of your order individually.

If your machines and systems fail, often only minor defective components are the cause – but consequences such as production downtime, delayed delivery or loss of image are extensive. To complicate matters, the variety of versions and models for machines and components continues to increase. Or certain manufacturers are no longer represented on the market at all.

Downtime can only be avoided if spare parts are available in sufficient quantities, of the appropriate quality, at the right time, with low costs and at the right location. Only then can we smoothly repair your drilling gears, adapter units or machines. Of course, spare parts also help during maintenance to extend the product service life of the machinery with a reliable supply.

EPS has a modern spare parts warehouse with a wide range of more than 15,000 high-quality spare parts and components. Our generous storage capacities allow us to significantly reduce procurement costs and process your orders more flexibly. It goes without saying that all spare parts comply with strict quality assurance standards.

The broad product range ensures that processes remain stable and that we have sufficient quantities of spare parts available in good time during all the phases of a project. Additional costs cannot arise in the first place. The professional material management of EPS reduces machine downtimes to a minimum.

Our profile


The history of EPS is inextricably linked to its founder Frank Muß. After many years as an industrial mechanic as well as worldwide service assignments for renowned companies, he set up his own workshop in Lavelsloh, Lower Saxony, in 2000.

Early on, he laid the first cornerstone for success with services for edge banding machines. Due to numerous orders, his workshop with its 50 square meters was soon no longer sufficient. He moved to Warmsen in 2005 and expanded the company with a 250 square metre assembly hall and his first employees. In 2007, the production, repair and maintenance of drilling gears and adapter units were added as a second mainstay.

By 2014 EPS had also applied for various patents in the field of mechanical engineering.

Further milestones of the company are the business areas machine relocation and mechanical engineering. Since 2016 it has again expanded its production area with modern machinery and a spare parts warehouse. One year later the CNC production with turned and milled parts was added.

In times of rapid change, EPS adapts to the new requirements of its customers and at the same time expands its core competence. Right from the start, the highest quality and technological know-how have been at the centre of all services. With its philosophy as a straightforward problem solver, EPS has developed into a leading and highly specialised company. It pushed ahead with its internationalisation at an early stage and has created an outstanding market position for itself worldwide.

Today, almost 20 employees and trainees work in a team that serves regional, national and international customers. Due to this positive development, EPS sees itself well prepared for the challenges of the future.

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Our Team

Everyone has individual talents and abilities – at EPS they are given the possibility to develop. Because a company is only as strong as the employees who work for it. As a specialist company, we benefit from the know-how of a service-strong, flexible and qualified team for all projects. Up to 20 colleagues with different qualifications now work for EPS.

Just as we attach great importance to a close and trusting cooperation when dealing with customers, respectful cooperation is important to us at EPS. The fact that we act successfully in this way has been confirmed for years by the high level of satisfaction and loyalty of our employees. Open communication and transparency are equally as relevant to us as participation in decisions ensuring that each colleague feels valued for his or her individuality.

As a company, we want and need to improve every day in order to maintain the quality of our services in a rapidly changing world. We therefore place our trust in the principle of lifelong learning with practice-oriented, in-company training. We always exchange skills and expertise among our staff for intensive knowledge transfer.

We are a well-coordinated team at EPS.

EPS GmbH · Warmsen · Spezialist für Serviceleistungen rund um Bohrgetriebe, Kantenanleimmaschinen sowie Bau und Verlagerung von Maschinen ·Wartung & Service von Kantenanleimmaschinen · Ersatzteilversorgung · Herstellung & Wartung von Bohraggregaten · Logo TÜV Nord


QM-policy EPS

Our business activities are aimed at meeting and, if possible, exceeding the expectations of our customers. Highest precision, customer-oriented order implementation based on good order clarification and strict adherence to agreed deadlines provide the basis for maximum customer satisfaction with our services.

Precise calculations, the best possible planning and well-organised work processes enable us to provide our customers with excellent products and services at an optimal price-performance ratio. We regularly analyse our business processes, learn from the implementation of orders and constantly work on our optimisation within the framework of our continuous improvement process (CIP). In this way, we increase our number of customers through recommendations, secure follow-up orders and at the same time increase our attractiveness as an employer.

We consistently comply with existing legal and official requirements as well as the quality standards customary in the industry and our own quality standards. We maintain good communication both internally and externally. In the cooperation with our suppliers and subcontractors, a partnership-based collaboration is an important goal for us.

The high product and service quality we strive for can of course only be achieved with competent and committed personnel. Therefore, the promotion of the qualification and motivation of our employees is a central concern for us. We promote the improvement of cooperation and the work effectiveness of our employees. A good working atmosphere and “fun at work” are important to us. We offer our employees high-quality workplace equipment and a clean and orderly working environment.

Our goal is to maintain a quality management system that satisfies our customers and that is supported and “lived” by all our employees.

Date: 04.05.2020
Signed The Management Board

Your career

Maybe we are looking for you!

Whether you are an ambitious school leaver, a newcomer from a similar industry or an experienced master craftsman – we are always on the lookout for committed colleagues. We are certified by the Hanover Chamber of Industry and Commerce as an apprenticing company for industrial or machining mechanics.

We offer an attractive professional environment for convincing personalities with professional and social competence. Exciting and diverse tasks await you.

Become part of a growing company and contribute to the success of EPS together with us.

We look forward to receiving your application! You are also welcome to apply unsolicited and independently of advertised jobs.

Please send your application documents to:

Dorothee Muß-Them
Industriestraße 2
31606 Warmsen
Phone +495767/943902

Or by Email: d.muss at eps-warmsen.de

Our philosophy

Quality creates trust – this motto has been the principle of EPS since its foundation. We make this promise for projects, products and the close partnership with our customers.

We see ourselves as problem solvers. Our goal is your reliable machines.

For years we have built up extensive know-how and expert knowledge in our special field – from which you benefit.

Customers around the world have trusted our expertise for years. This is why EPS employees are encouraged to continuously develop in their specialist areas.

From small components to complex machine lines – with our services you can rely on the highest precision for best performance. All processes with modern technology are subject to our strict quality management.

Efficiency and profitability are important to us. Of course, this does not exclude flexibility and speed. Our customers appreciate the uncomplicated cooperation with EPS – you can rely on it, too.

We attach great importance to high quality.

Brands / Customers

From Warmsen into the world.

Numerous satisfied customers place their trust in EPS – from local craftsmen to national medium-sized companies to global players. The solutions we offer are as individual as the industrial sectors themselves. Since the foundation of our company we have focused on the furniture industry.

High-quality machines of the leading brands ...
... for our customers:

Our service:

Here you can download our machine manual as a pdf file.

EPS GmbH · Warmsen · Spezialist für Serviceleistungen rund um Bohrgetriebe, Kantenanleimmaschinen sowie Bau und Verlagerung von Maschinen · Galerie
EPS GmbH · Engineering Planung Service Limited · Warmsen · Wartung & Service von Kantenanleimmaschinen · Ersatzteilversorgung · Herstellung & Wartung von Bohraggregaten
EPS GmbH · Warmsen · Spezialist für Serviceleistungen rund um Bohrgetriebe, Kantenanleimmaschinen sowie Bau und Verlagerung von Maschinen ·Wartung & Service von Kantenanleimmaschinen · Ersatzteilversorgung · Herstellung & Wartung von Bohraggregaten
EPS GmbH · Warmsen · Spezialist für Serviceleistungen rund um Bohrgetriebe, Kantenanleimmaschinen sowie Bau und Verlagerung von Maschinen
EPS GmbH · Engineering Planung Service · Warmsen · Wartung & Service von Kantenanleimmaschinen · Ersatzteilversorgung · Herstellung & Wartung von Bohraggregaten
EPS GmbH · Engineering Planung Service · Warmsen · Wartung & Service von Kantenanleimmaschinen · Ersatzteilversorgung · Herstellung & Wartung von Bohraggregaten

Get in contact with us!


Head Office & Administration





Industriestraße 2
31606 Warmsen


Head Office / Administration / Accounting

d.muss at eps-warmsen.de
info at eps-warmsen.de

Electronic invoicing

kreditoren at eps-warmsen.de

Visit us in Warmsen:

EPS GmbH · Warmsen · Spezialist für Serviceleistungen rund um Bohrgetriebe, Kantenanleimmaschinen sowie Bau und Verlagerung von Maschinen ·Wartung & Service von Kantenanleimmaschinen · Ersatzteilversorgung · Herstellung & Wartung von Bohraggregaten · Logo

EPS is a leading specialist for services relating to drilling gears, edge banding machines and the construction and relocation of machines. From its location in Warmsen, Lower Saxony, EPS supports industrial companies worldwide with a focus on the furniture industry.

EPS GmbH · Warmsen · Spezialist für Serviceleistungen rund um Bohrgetriebe, Kantenanleimmaschinen sowie Bau und Verlagerung von Maschinen ·Wartung & Service von Kantenanleimmaschinen · Ersatzteilversorgung · Herstellung & Wartung von Bohraggregaten · Logo TÜV Nord

EPS GmbH · Industriestraße 2 · 31606 Warmsen · Germany